Should You Wait Until After Easter to List?

Selling property comes in waves and ebbs, and whilst we are experiencing a huge demand for property on the Mornington Peninsula, there will always be fluctuations in the market. With Easter holidays approaching, is now a good a time to list your property for sale? Keep reading to find out.

Get out there early

The market is strong seasonally from February to March typically. These months see families get back into gear, with children back at school. Parents have time to sit down and assess things that they may have had to put off whilst running around after kids all summer. We suggest getting in early during these months to give your property the best exposure. Listing earlier can help ensure you are not in competition with other properties.

Get in first for some strong offers

Running a marketing campaign through the Easter period can sometimes see fewer enquiries as families are on school holidays again but less competition can often encourage buyers to make the best offer on a property before the rush after Easter holidays. This also helps to distinguish serious buyers from those just looking or comparing. If you have been looking to list, our suggestion is don’t wait. Similarly, if you aren't quite sure, or maybe have some more things you would like to do your property before listing for example, then don’t rush to capitalize on the February/March market.

If you have questions about listing during the Easter period or finding the best time to sell any time of the year, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Eview Mornington Peninsula. We are the expert agents in the area and are driven by the exceptional experiences of our clients

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