5 Real Estate Trends for 2018

Real estate is an ever- changing and exciting industry. Keep reading to see what trends we expect to see and be a part of in 2018. Trend 1: Online brands sell An online brand is an agent's most important asset and in 2018 consumers will have expected an agent to have built up an online brand and portfolio of their work. Buyers will be reassured by a maintained and thoughtful digital footprint. With information accessible from anywhere, this transparency online builds trust, helps hold agents accountable for customer experience and support the everyday consumer to make informed choices. Trend 2: Marketing across all platforms As consumers, you have probably begun to notice that real estate has moved from traditional marketing and is now embracing every facet of what the digital world can offer. Expect to see even more on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Linkedin. Facebook is enabling content to reach a broad and engaged audience. People can learn more about home buying in a non-threatening way with a casual post online, a video tour, photos, or take it or leave it info on how to reach you. Trend 3: Smart home automation This has been coming for a while but has yet to have taken a firm hold on our industry. 2018 is looking like the time for home automation to finally be utilised to its full capacity In Australia, we have finally caught up in the gadget and technological space, with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Real estate agents will need to stay ahead of the trend and lead the way with how new gadgets can be integrated into home displays. Niche pieces of tech, like light automation and 'scenes', have the opportunity to really take off, as well as more fundamental parts of the home, like home security and cyber IOT security, made more affordable for middle-class homeowners. As the cost of this type of super useful technology goes down, we will continue to see more players enter the space and try to pave the way for smart home automation to get mass appeal. Trend 4: Agent specialisation Real estate agents have often been able and required to sell anything. Moving into 2018, real estate agents will become more specialised in particular types of property, which will help differentiate them from their competitors in the industry. Trend 5: Generation Z Generation Z (born since 1995), are beginning to dictate what is deemed as on trend across various industries. Their influence and consumer power will be felt ever more in 2018. For more information on real estate on the Mornington Peninsula, reach out to us on 5971 0300

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